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The Blog

My Resume

I had a friend of mine look over my resume the other day. The word he used to describe it was “impressive”. My response was to laugh. I told him it was only impressive (used advisedly) because I’m old. Now look, before you get all twisted up over this, I’m not saying 36 is old. […]

Going Deep

How do you get good at something? Hold on. Let’s get back to that in a bit. I reached the point, a few months back, where things just stopped making sense to me in terms of the direction I was going with my career in the fitness industry (if you could call it that). I […]

Her, too…

As a husband, what do you do when your wife gets raped? I’m sorry if I fucked your day up with this. Her and I were both active duty and the Navy was sorting out our co-location, so I was running around the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego as the G-1 Division Leading Chief, […]