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Where Were You?

I’ve been out of the Social Media and Blogging game for a while, now. I left because I was just nauseated by so many of these so-called “FitPros”, but I have something to say, so I’m going to poke my head up for bit before I go back to being a Clinic Director and focusing […]

This much I know…

So I have this really spacious office with shelves and knick-knacks and two chairs that face my desk so that people can come in and have meetings with me and whatnot. I’m the “Director of Clinical Services.” Allegedly I “direct” things. I have a staff of 50+. I also have a business card. Like Patrick […]

What can we learn from this?

What can we learn from this? Hear me out: I made about three mistakes before I finished my first cup of coffee. Five mistakes before my second cup, and the act of actually drinking the second cup was mistake six. I fucked up at least seven evolutions before lunch, and I failed about a dozen […]