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My Resume

I had a friend of mine look over my resume the other day. The word he used to describe it was “impressive”. Practical leadership of hundreds of people. Check. Practical exercise programming and implementation/administration for departments of over 300 personnel. Check. Multiple military schools and other non-military degrees. Check License in Manual Therapy. Check, Too […]

Going Deep

How do you get good at something? Hold on. Let’s get back to that in a bit. I reached the point, a few months back, where things just stopped making sense to me in terms of the direction I was going with my career in the fitness industry (if you could call it that). I […]

Her, too…

As a husband, what do you do when your wife gets raped? I’m sorry if I fucked your day up with this. Her and I were both active duty and the Navy was sorting out our co-location, so I was running around the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego as the G-1 Division Leading Chief, […]