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What Remains

Realistically, none of us will ever live long enough to really have all the answers. And this is, of course, all founded on the assumption that there are answers. Or that we have been asking the proper questions. To me, wondering about the meaning of life is a futile undertaking. Perhaps the better action is […]

The Goal Itself

There used to be a time when I didn’t realize that the goal matters more than the way it’s written. I was off the mark. Back when I was entrenched in the fitness industry, I did a fair share of marketing. When it came to Sport Psych and Mindset, I was coaching it before it […]

Thirty-Seven Years Later

For a minute I pondered writing some bullshit list to commemorate the fact that I have lasted almost four decades without someone killing me, including myself. Perhaps titling it “37 Things I Have Learned From 37 Years of Life” or some other click-bait type headline. I make no qualms about it: I used to do […]

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