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What can we learn from this?

What can we learn from this? Hear me out: I made about three mistakes before I finished my first cup of coffee. Five mistakes before my second cup, and the act of actually drinking the second cup was mistake six. I fucked up at least seven evolutions before lunch, and I failed about a dozen […]

What you need…

Okay, so listen, do you know what you need? What you need and what you WANT are most likely not going to be the same things. At least acutely they aren’t. And I don’t particularly care what domain we are referencing here: personal development, education, fitness, etc. If you take a look at your goals, there are […]

The Self-Awareness Secret

The secret to self-awareness is that there isn’t one. I either have your complete attention now, or I have lost you, which means that this post wasn’t for you to begin with. Bye. For those of you still with me… The cornerstone of my coaching (and my massage and bodywork, for that matter) involves working […]